The Power of Self Reflection

February 15, 2021 9:01 am

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Sometimes, you need to just stop and ponder…….

“Self-reflection may help you attain greater motivation or identify your goals. It can make you feel content and calm you down. It can assist organization and planning, and can even be the action that starts a major change in your life.”

Self-reflection helps you look at yourself more objectively. With practice, you’ll start to notice weaknesses. You’ll notice your effect on others. You might also notice positive influences in yourself and those around you that you took for granted.

To start, consciously set aside time for self-reflection. This is different than prayer or meditation. This time is specifically focused on questions about your goals, your behavior, and your general state of mind.

Choose a consistent time every week to unplug from everybody and everything. Use this time to reflect on the past week. If you have trouble settling your mind begin by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Am I living up to my core values and personal mission? Without structure you can end up anywhere. Create your own set of rules and guidelines, then, you can evaluate whether you are following them or not.

2. Am I being a person others can respect? Actions matter. Have your choices been of a person who earns respect? Have you shown gratitude and appreciation wherever possible? Where can you improve?

3. Am I respecting my body the way I should? Your health and your body’s health need to be a priority so your body can be the best it can be. Did you have nourishing meals? Did you get enough exercise? Enough sleep?

4. Am I using my talents fully? What are your gifts and are you using them to your full ability?

5. Am I performing at my peak capacity? Peak capacity includes getting an ample amount of downtime and creative time so that you are delivering both in quantity and quality.

6. Am I giving my family and friends and those around me my most and my best? Are you spending quality time with people who you respect? Did you offer a meaningful contribution to the relationships?

7. Am I making a positive impact on the world? There are choices every day that can impact the world in small ways. How do you feel about the choice you have made?

You can’t be of any good to other people unless you are good to yourself first. When you make time to reflect on what you have done and what you can do better you will begin to make more conscious choices that can lead to a better, healthier, more meaningful life.

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