What type of massage should I get?

All our Massages are a combination of techniques and modalities. At the beginning of each session your therapist will ask you what areas you would like to focus on and discuss a treatment plan.

Each session you therapist will use any of the following modalities to best address your needs that day. You do not need to specify a specific modality only that you like deeper pressure or lighter pressure. Throughout the session your therapist will check in to make sure you are comfortable with the pressure.

Swedish Massage is long gliding strokes meant to warm the muscles and calm the central nervous system. It is good for a deeply relaxing experience.
Deep Tissue Massage applies more pressure to the denser soft tissue with a slower stroke. Deep tissue works well in combination with Swedish to release and relax tense muscles.
Myofascial Release involves anchoring the muscle and stretching to release holding patterns. Myofascial release is for specific areas of repetitive motion or overuse and is often used in combination with Swedish massage.
Sports Massage is a combination of deep tissue and stretching with focus on improving the client’s specific repetitive patterns. Sports Massage is beneficial for the athlete experiencing pain or muscular limitations in their training.

How long is a session?

Sessions are 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minutes.

The 30 minute session is recommended for site specific issues or weekly maintenance

The 45 minute session is recommended for addressing a specific area with a little time spent on relaxation or a second area

The 60 minute session is recommended for the first time client or for bi-monthly maintenance

The 75 minute massage is recommended for the client who wants to add hot stones, cranial sacral therapy or keniso taping to their session but does not want to commit to 90 minutes

The 90 minute massage is recommended for head to toe complete relaxation or monthly maintenance program

I have never had a massage before, what do I wear?

Your massage therapist will instruct you to undress to your comfort level. You will be covered by a sheet and only the areas being worked on at the time will be uncovered. For sports massage a sports bra and gym shorts are appropriate.

How often should I get a massage?

How often you receive massage depends on your availability of time and budget. For pain relief or to address a specific issue we recommend 30 minutes/week times the number of weeks needed to resolve the issue

For Stress Relief and the active client we recommend 60 minutes twice a month

For overall health and well-being we recommend 60 minutes once a month

For those that work in a high stress environment we recommend 90 minutes every three weeks

If you don’t have 90 minutes but 60 minutes is not enough we recommend 75 minutes every two weeks.

Do you use oil?

No. We use a professional brand of crème or lotion.

Did you go to school for this?

Yes. Our schooling involved 500+ hours of clinical and hands on classes. Upon completion of an accredited program we must submit an application to the Massage Board of Massachusetts for licensure. Besides annual renewal we must maintain professional liability insurance through one of the national massage organizations.

Will massage help my headaches?

There are many causes of headaches. If the headache is muscular massage can be effective. Regular massage can prevent the buildup of muscle tension and help prevent the headaches.

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Can I get a massage post-surgery?

Ask your doctor for permission for clearance to receive massage during your first follow up. Post-surgery massage can help reduce swelling, inflammation and increase the speed of healing in scar tissue.

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Will massage help my foot pain?

Massage will help identify what muscle imbalances are causing the foot pain. Reflexology massage on the foot will address specific “reflex” points and energy pathways.

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