Stress Relief Tips

April 28, 2018 1:36 pm

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Stress Relief Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month. It’s important to be aware of the repercussions of the dragon that is stress. The negative effects of stress include muscle tension, sleeping issues, fatigue, and more, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Some tips to relieve stress:

  • Book a massage! Massage has been shown to reduce anxiety, reduce the flow of stress hormones, improve sleep, boost the immune system, increase circulation, and more.
  • Meditate. Take time every day (or as often as you can) to find a comfortable sitting place and listen to your breathing. It can be as easy as breathing in for 7 seconds, holding your inhale for 5 seconds, and releasing it for 9 seconds. Learn this and other breathing techniques at out Meditation Group the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.
  • Do something you love. Sewing, making jelwery, walks in the woods, cooking: What do you lose yourself in? Whatever makes you happy, do it! Take time for yourself, allow yourself to be creative and everyday chores will seem less burdensom when you return to them.
  • Practice gratitude. When life is throwing problems at you, it’s hard to see straight. But there are still many beautiful things in the world. Make an effort to notice the beautiful things all around you. Notice things that make you happy and take a moment to say “Thank You.”

                                  “Stress is an important dragon to slay—or at least tame—in your life,” Marilu Henner

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