Holiday Survival through the Five Senses

December 21, 2023 8:47 am

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Holiday Survival through the Five Senses

Feeling indecisive, shot tempered, anxiety, negative outlook, overwhelmed? If so, you may be experiencing high levels of stress.

While small amounts of stress can improve performance, most of what people experience these days is chronic and damaging. The rush of the Holidays only amplifies that stress.

You can’t eliminate all stress but there are a few strategies to calm the body and mind using your five senses.

Taste: Food affects mood. Unhealthy food choices can lead to more irritability and depress and may impact stress levels as well. Choose healthy, whole food options and take a moment to notice and appreciate the food’s texture, color, flavor, and aroma.

Touch: Massage is a time-honored technique to help the body unwind. If you can’t make time for an appointment, consider trying yoga or tai chi to stretch muscles and alleviate tightness. Spending time petting or grooming a fur baby is another great option.

Sight: Mother nature is an amazing artist. Take a moment to enjoy your surrounding and notice the variations of color. Visit a local art gallery or take time with a coffee table book or an artist you love. Photo albums of fun times can bring a smile to your face and boost your mood.

Smell: Essential oils affect parts of the brain associated with behavior and emotion. A few drops on your wrist or diffusing ylang-ylang, lavender, bergamot, or vanilla lowers stress levels.  Another option is to visit a local flower shop. Not only do the flowers smell great they look good too.

Hearing: Listening to relaxing music has been found to reduce stress and boost mood. Playing a musical instrument is another powerful choice for lowering stress levels, as is singing.

For the ultimate healing experience that engages all five senses go outdoors and absorb the sounds of nature. Whether it is a short walk around the block or a drive through the county side, spending time outside greatly benefits concentration, mood and creativity and ultimately relieves stress.

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