5 Ways to Love Your Body

February 1, 2018 11:30 pm

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Your body is your friend and your companion. It is okay to love your body. It doesn’t make you full of yourself, vain, conceited, cocky or self-absorbed. You can, and should, acknowledge your beauty and love your body with kindness and compassion and in turn inspire others to feel they can as well.

    1. Focus on being healthy. When deciding to start a new exercise program or choosing something to eat ask yourself, “Will this make me healthy?” This simple change helps your mind and body work together to avoid disease, feel great and make healthy choices.
    2. Get up and move. Bodies are designed to move. The more you move, the better your heart, lungs, digestive tract, muscles and joints will function and feel. Find something that sparks your interest that you can incorporate into your daily routine and then do it! The better your body feels, the more you will love your body.
    3. Say nice things about your body. Change your mindset to be more loving and kind to yourself. Say “Thank You” when someone compliments you. Say nice things about your body to yourself and to others. As you say nice things about your body, your body will respond positively
    4. Connect with others. Reduce or eliminate social media. Avoid false images of happiness. Remove people from your life that only want to talk negatively. Spend quality face to face time with people you can relate to, people you enjoy spending time with.
    5. Be awesome! Push yourself outside your comfort zone. You will gain confidence and realize that your body is never a limitation to achieving what you really want.

Above all else, your healthiest relationship with your body must start within you!

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