Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress?

December 12, 2017 6:43 pm

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Does Holiday Stress sneak up on you?

Are you sitting in endless traffic; waiting in long, winding lines; do you have end of the year/quarter deadlines or impossibly-long to-do lists? December days often seem too short and go by too quickly. While you really want to be curled up on the couch with a good book and watching the snow fall, there are errands to be run and parties to attend.

In an otherwise lovely season of joy and giving, holiday stress can sometimes sneak its way into our best intentions and get the better of us.  It’s no secret that stress is not kind to the body.  Ongoing stress can disrupt your sleep, compromise your immune system, raise your blood pressure, and cause headaches, not to mention what it does to your muscles and tendons.

Ways Avoid Holiday Stress?

We’ve got some great stress-handling tips that will have you navigating the holidays with ease.

Breathe – In the heat of the moment, take a deep breath, observe your thoughts without judgement and exhale compassion.

Walk – The rhythm of your footsteps during a brisk walk can have a meditative affect, and help you mull things over in a different, more relaxed way. Take 15 minutes – 20 minutes to breathe in the fresh air and organize your thoughts. You will be amazed at how much more productive your day will be and at the increase in energy levels.

Say No – Pick and choose the events and activities that are most important to you. By saying no you can focus your energy fully on the events that you attend and enjoy them to the fullest without a sense of dread or aggravation.

Drink Water – Holiday food tends to be heavier and saltier. Add to that the cold dry air and your body quickly becomes dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water will increase energy levels, help with digestion and ease stiff muscles.

Regular Massage – Massage helps to combat anxiety and stress at its root – your brain.  Massage can release stress-busting hormones that can make us feel better almost instantly after lying down on the massage table. Massage also helps those muscles so easily knotted up by stress and tension. You deserve to lavish some kindness on yourself. Your body will reward you with energy to spend with your loved ones, celebrating what these holidays are truly about.

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