Summer Self-Care Tips

June 15, 2023 6:17 pm

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What are your favorite summer memories?

Barbecues? Beach days? Travel?

Rushing around to see everyone or to get everything done we can often forget about our self-care routines. Taking care of your needs ⎯ your self-care ⎯ can make the things you want to do more enjoyable. Here are some summer-inspired self-care practices to try!

Get Outside!

New England winters are rough! Make the most of warmer weather season and get out for daily walks. Find a bench in town or a shady spot in the grass to sit and pass time.

Being surrounded by nature, plants and greenery can lower your stress quickly – as can physical activity. A review published in the journal Health & Place analyzed data from existing studies and found that spending time outdoors can immediately lower stress levels, and that outdoor walks in green spaces are particularly effective.

Need motivation? Call a friend and explore parts of town you have never been to before. Or pick a destination with a reward at the end. (ice cream, oysters, ocean views…)

Any kind of movement is beneficial! “What did you do when you were a kid during the summer that you loved?” Maybe you enjoyed jumping rope, riding your bike, or swimming at the local pool — all things you could still do as an adult. Break out the sprinkler and play around with the dogs and kids!

Leave Time for Rest

Have summer adventures and connect with friends and family, but don’t forget to take time to slow down when you need it, so you don’t exhaust yourself.

This might mean reading a book at the beach or saying no to invitations or other plans if that’s what’s best for you.

Socialize in Person Rather Than Online

Turn off social media and make plans to see friends in person. Research shows that friendships are positively associated with life satisfaction, and that both the quality of your friendships and how often you see your friends play a role.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Summer heat and humidity can cause dehydration, which can lead to a host of problems like heat exhaustion. Even low levels of chronic dehydration can make you feel tired and dizzy.

The amount of water you should drink each day varies from person to person. A good hydration routine is to keep a water bottle on her bedside table and drink about 16 ounces as soon as you wake up. Refill the water bottle throughout the day, aiming to drink another 16 ounces before noon and the same amount again between noon and 5 p.m. You can get water from food too, especially fruits and vegetables. Try including water-rich produce like cucumber and watermelon in your daily meals and snacks.

Find Your Summer Schedule ⎯ but Make It a Relaxed One

If your usual routine is disrupted in the summer getting into a new one (even a loose one) can help you feel less overwhelmed and keep up with healthy habits, you want to make time for.

Stay on a regular sleep schedule and socialize regularly. Plan things that you’ll do daily, like getting in some kind of movement, reading, writing, or practicing meditation. Your summer schedule doesn’t have to be a strict or rigid one, but daily habits can make you feel more grounded.


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