How Massage can help beat the Winter Blues

January 29, 2019 11:32 am

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People looking to fend off the winter blues may find relief by integrating massage therapy into their health maintenance routine. Shorter days and colder temperatures leave many Americans feeling depressed and lethargic, yet studies show that regular massages improve mood and reset circadian rhythms, alleviates symptoms related to depression and stress leading to better sleep and more energy.

People suffering from winter depression have reported excellent results from massage therapy as the bodywork is especially designed to relieve the tension and fatigue that causes people to suffer physically and psychologically. A massage increases immune system functioning and also helps people who have rheumatoid arthritis.

Massage Therapist employ a combination of techniques including compression, rocking, tapping, stroking, and kneading the tissues that provides revitalization to the energy systems of the body as well as relaxation for tense and tired muscles and joints.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is recognized as a major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns. A less severe form of seasonal mood disorder, known as the winter blues, impacts an even larger portion of the population. Combined, the two disorders affect as many as one in five Americans. Symptoms include reduced energy, difficulty rising in the morning and a tendency to eat more, especially sweets and starches.

For most people experiencing winter blues symptoms, Massage is a good antidote for treating SAD. In addition to eating nutritionally sounds meals or obtaining light therapy or counseling, a massage is an excellent way to lessen the incidences of fatigue or anxiety often associated with SAD.

In addition, massage therapy can also extend to pregnant women who often cannot take certain antidepressants because of possible adverse side effects. Pregnancy massages can lessen swelling in the legs, feet and arms, relieve muscle and joint pain, and alleviate the sadness and anxiety associated with winter depression.

Overall, Massage benefits the way our bodies react to negative influences, whether that’s weather, anxieties or disorders. Beat the winter blues today with regular Massage!


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