Gifts for Dad that Show You’re Grateful

June 14, 2021 2:04 pm

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and while life right now looks quite different than it did last year, there are still plenty of ways to show your appreciation for all that dad has done for you. Here are a few ideas that help you show your appreciation during this unique time.

Make a shadowbox

While money may be tight right now for a lot of people who were suddenly put out of work, you can still offer a nice gift on a small budget. Make a shadowbox. A shadowbox consists of things that are important and meaningful memories. For example, if your dad served in the military making a shadowbox with any medals or honors he received is so special. Or maybe you want to include a few special items that will remind him of you, like a childhood toy, baseball glove, or tickets to the first concert he took you to see. Anything that celebrates who your dad is can go in. Showing dad how much your time spent together has meant to you, is more than money can buy.

Revisit one of your favorite past times

While you may not be that little boy or little girl you once were, your dad still sees you that way. Did you have monthly fishing trips, a special place you would go together, or traditions maybe? If so, make Father’s Day a day dedicated to reliving those moments. Surprise him with a day full of the things you loved to do together when you were younger. Not only will it show him you remember those special times he likely cherishes, but you can make even more memories together too.

Give him your time

While this may seem simple, time is often hard to come by. When’s the last time you spent completely uninterrupted time with dad? It’s probably been a while, right? Mark your entire day off and leave the phone somewhere else. Your dad knows things in your life have changed quite a bit, but sometimes all he wants is quality time with you. Maybe you can watch his favorite TV shows or movies with him, or you can cook him a nice homemade meal, or go out on a walk or drive and just talk. Whatever it is, give him your undivided attention and just be present with him. That’s what means the most.

Treat Dad to a Massage

While you may only associate a spa day with Mother’s Day, dads shouldn’t be left out. Your dad has probably worked hard his entire life, and even if those busy days have calmed down with age, he deserves some time to relax. Make the day about him. Treat him to a massage and lunch after.

No matter the kind of dad you have, you’re sure to find a gift on this list that will play his heart strings just right. What gift sounds perfect to show your dad just how grateful you are?

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