Benefits of Massage during the Summer

June 5, 2019 8:00 am

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1. Massage is “you time”. Between graduation parties, camps and cookouts summer can be busy. Massage is a great excuse to spend some time by yourself

2. Massage compensates for increased activity. With the nicer weather you are likely to be more active this time of year. Massage can help the pain from sprains and strains and speed recovery time of increased muscle soreness.

3. Massage counteracts swelling in joints and limbs. Heat and humidity can increase swelling and discomfort in your joints. Massage increases blood flow, reducing swelling which makes movement more comfortable.

4. Massage clears thinking. Massage allows the parasympathic nervous system to shut down and reboot. Once your body is no longer in fight or flight mode you begin to think more clearly and creatively. You also respond better in crunch or crisis situations.

Regular Massage has many benefits including relaxation, clear thinking, better sleep and reduced stress. Body & Soul Massage offers monthly Massage Membership packages and accepts HAS plans. Call 978-825-0040 or visit our website for more information today.