6 Reasons to try Reiki

May 19, 2019 12:59 pm

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Reiki works on our different levels of being; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, bringing holistic healing to our lives. Reiki is not only one of the oldest healing systems in use; it is also one of the most versatile. This ancient Japanese method of healing channels “Ki” or energy to balance the body and mind, and its benefits can be felt by both Reiki practitioners and their clients. In fact, Reiki is believed to improve just about any aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity.

Reiki healing sessions focus on balancing and realigning the chakras, energy centers in our body, which helps heal the body, mind and spirit. It has been proven that Reiki can help people suffering from various major and minor ailments. Our Reiki clients have experienced improvements in migraines, insomnia, inflammation, cardiac arrhythmia, menstrual discomfort, and more.

Reiki is often used as a complementary therapy in a number of hospitals today. It enhances the care the patient receives in both the hospital and from outpatient health care providers.

6 Reasons to try Reiki

  1. Promotes Harmony & Balance: Reiki works directly on restoring balance on all levels. It is an effective, noninvasive energy healing modality that enhances the body’s natural healing ability whilst energizing and promoting overall wellness.
  2.  Clears the Mind and Improves Focus: Reiki can support you in staying centered in the present moment rather than getting caught up in regrets about the past or anxieties about the future. It can strengthen your ability to accept and work with the way events are unfolding even when they don’t follow your desires or timetable. You begin to react to situations, people and yourself in a supportive way rather than acting out of habit.
  3.  Aids Better Sleep: The number one outcome of receiving a Reiki session is relaxation. When we’re relaxed, we sleep better, our bodies heal better, we think more clearly, and we relate to each other more genuinely.
  4.  Helps Relieve Pain: It encourages your system to improve your body’s vital functions (breathing, digesting and sleeping) so your physical systems function optimally. On the physical level, Reiki helps to relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica ~ just to name a few. It also helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and insomnia.
  5.  Compliments Medical Treatments: Reiki is a wonderful compliment to conventional medicine and helps relax patients on the levels of the mind and physical body. When a patient is relaxed the healing process is accelerated. Reiki is safe to use if you have medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or heart conditions. You may receive Reiki treatments if you are undergoing chemotherapy. Pregnant woman can have Reiki treatments to support them through all stages of the pregnancy. Reiki is for everyone!
  6.  Works with Your Comfort Level: Reiki can be performed with direct contact, or with the practitioner’s hands held away from the body, making this an ideal treatment for people who are looking for a hands-off alternative to massage.

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