5 Questions of Self Reflection

November 24, 2020 4:54 pm

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COVID-19 may not be taking a break for the holidays, but…

This holiday season may be filled with mixed emotions. For many, the “loss” of the holiday season can cause depression and extra stress on top of a very anxiety-inducing year.
COVID-19 may not be taking a break for the holidays, but it’s important that we as human beings keep our connections with our loved ones strong, socially distanced of course. In order to do this, we have to take care of our own personal needs and make sure our glass is filled from the bottom up.
When we do this — that’s when the true magic happens. It may be helpful to take this time to reflect on what your needs truly are.

“It’s not the happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s the gratitude that brings us happiness”

5 Questions of Self Reflection
  1. Are my thoughts giving me power, or taking it away?
  2. What is a habit I could give up that would lead to a more positive life?
  3. Am I avoiding something that needs addressing?
  4. How is my physical health?
  5. What are some of my major accomplishments?

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