4 Steps to Being Well on a budget

August 18, 2020 10:26 am

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Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Be Your Best. Self care is a vital part of maintaining good health and a vibrant life. It’s a way of living that incorporates behaviors that help you to be refreshed, replenish your personal motivation, and grow as a person.

Wellness is an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle. Taking a healthier approach does not have to be expensive. We have put together 4 steps to stay on budget when making those healthy lifestyle changes.

#1: Cut food cost:
It is very sad that when going to the store and comparing prices, the junk foods tend to be less expensive than salads, but there are some ways around that price difference. Go to your local famers’ market. When shopping at your local farmers market, you aren’t just supporting local, but you’re also cutting the middle man out of the equation. When buying produce directly from the farmer who harvested it, you’re not paying the additional cost to ship, label, package, or store overhead. You are supporting a local economy and it is FRESH!

Buying foods that are in season is another important aspect when shopping. When buying produce that isn’t in season, you’re undoubtedly paying much more, because there are so many extra costs to get it to your local supermarket from faraway places that still have the environment to grow it. If there is an item of produce you can’t live without, buy it in bulk while it’s in season and look up steps on how to freeze it properly. You would be surprised at the items you can freeze while maintaining freshness.

Our Local Farmers Market is Thursdays, June-October, 3-7 pm
Salem Farmers Market http://salemfarmersmarket.org/

#2 Exercise at or near home:
Prioritizing some time to work out and move your body is one of the most important self-care practices on this list. It’s no secret that exercise is a huge stress reliever but if you don’t have money for a gym membership that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a consistent workout routine.

Grab your laptop or phone and browse fitness channels on YouTube where you’ll find a TON of free workout videos available to you – no membership required. Another great option is to lace up your sneakers and explore your local neighborhood and parks. Walking is a great exercise and you will feel connected to your community.

Explore Massachusetts https://thetrustees.org/

#3 Take advantage of our membership program:
We offer a great deal where you pay a discounted rate for making the commitment to receiving regular massages every month. It’ll save you money in the long run and keep your body feeling and moving as it should, possibly preventing some unnecessary doctor bills in the process. Even better if you have a HAS or FSA (Health Savings Plan) you can use that to pay for the massages.

#4 Make the Time to Take Care of Yourself
If you do a “self care audit”, you will likely find that some of the activities you spend your time on now, could be better spent “recharging your own battery” Mental sharpness decreases after a short period of concentrated study. You likely need more “true” breaks, not just time killers stolen from study time you rarely spend in any really relaxing or satisfying recreation.

Take some time to do something you will genuinely enjoy on a regular basis. Get a massage, take a walk with your dog, go hiking, take a nice hot bath, meditate, do yoga, buy yourself flowers, or take yourself out to coffee. Truly ask yourself what would make you happy in that moment and go for it.

A journey into wellness is exactly what you make it. Change is difficult and takes a commitment to make little steps with measurable results. Decide what you want to change and HOW you want to change. And remember, change does not have to be expensive.

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