Relaxing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For many couples, Valentine’s Day consists of an expensive dinner and a fun filled night out. But the pressure to make the day some big romantic event often takes over and it’s not nearly as enjoyable as it could be. So, what would it look like if you made Valentine’s Day a fun, relaxing experience for your bodies, minds, and souls while bringing you closer together at the same time? Here are a few unique and relaxing ideas to avoid the busy night out and enjoy your time together, showing each other just how much you care.
#1: Cook something
How special would it be if instead of going out to eat a nice dinner, something you might do fairly often anyway, you took some time out of your day to cook some of their favorite dishes? It doesn’t have to be a big 6-course meal or even the fanciest foods. Sometimes, the simple act of learning what their favorite food is and doing everything you can to make it yourself…well that’s going above and beyond what most Valentine’s Days consist of, right?
#2: Enjoy nature together
If weather allows, go for a hike, take a stroll around the park, or build a little bonfire out in your back yard and sit together. Talk, be silly, and just enjoy each other’s company. Soak up the beauty of nature, listen to the birds, or wonder at the stars. It may still be cool outside, but a sweater and a few blankets can make you feel even cozier as you snuggle up together. Pack something warm to drink, a few snacks or special sweet treats, and simply enjoy the view and the conversation.
#3: A Massage day
The most relaxing of all gifts, the luxury and full body relaxation that comes with a Massage. An incredible massage, intensely nourishing skin treatments, and a warm, comfortable atmosphere can soothe the body, mind, and soul. Whether a gift certificate for one or an experience for both of you to enjoy together, a Massage is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for everyone.

This year, think beyond the typical dinner out, the flowers, and the candies, and instead look at ways you can truly come closer together on this day of beauty and love!

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