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Therapeutic Massage has great healing benefits. It reduces stress, decreases anxiety and depression, relieves muscle tension and pain, improves quality of sleep, relieves headaches and lowers blood pressure.

Massage is also great for recovering from surgery, improving sports performance, alleviating back pain, foot pain, and reducing overall muscle tension.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists will combine techniques to create a session best for your unique needs.

Call our convenient Salem Ma office today to schedule your appointment and let the caring therapists at Body & Soul alleviate your stress and enrich your health and well-being.

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Bodywork and Your Health

There are many positive health benefits to bodywork and massage received on a regular basis, such as relief of pain and swelling, an increased range of motion and improved circulation. Massage can also boost the body’s immune system, help with carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange, provide nutrition to the skin by mediums (oils/lotions) and even remove toxins through the skin and lymphatic drainage. Most importantly therapeutic massage can assist in the healing process on a psycho-spiritual level and promote an overall sense of well being to oneself.

Body & Soul Massage in Salem, Massachusetts since 2005.

  •   Tyler is the most amazing massage therapist I've ever known. Extremely knowledgeable, incredibly personable, makes you completely comfortable while using the perfect touch to promote healing and increase range motion and circulation.
    Whatever your comfort level and specifid needs might be.. Tyler is the therapist!

    thumb Robin K.

      Comfortable and clean- very friendly. It was my first massage and Elizabeth put me completely at ease. The receptionist was friendly and attentive. I will definitely be back.

    thumb Ryn G.
  •   Ann, the owner, has the hands of an angel. Stress and tension just melt away under her experienced touch. She works out the knots and listens to what your body needs. I have had lower back pain for the past few years and Ann is always so accommodating by offering a bolster for under my knees or ankles.  The heated beds are a big plus to soothe the frayed nerves of October in Salem or warm you up on a winter day.  Plenty of parking which is a bonus. Wrapping up, she offers a warm wash cloth and bottle of water.  It's the little extras that make this a great experience. I've been coming to Ann for the past few years and never go anywhere else, even when I'm on vacation.

    thumb Kristin M.

      Called for a very last minute appointment today. The womean on the phone tried to accommodate my tight schedule and was able to get one of the massage therapists in a bit earlier. Elizabeth truly was attentive and without even telling her could tell where my areas of need were. I have not felt that relaxed in a long time. I will most likely be signing up for the monthly membership after such a great first experience.  Thank you!

    thumb maria t.
  •   Lisa is my massage therapist here, she is amazing.  She is quite knowledgeable about different modes of body work, and offers to try different techniques dependent upon the needs of her client.  She is a real therapist, inyerested in your well being and not a fluffy massage person.  She gets all those knots out, and even taught me stretches, and  how to align my spine properly, which has alleviated many of my chronic lower back pain symptoms.
    I would highly recommend Lisa.

    thumb Mj T.

      Most of my pain is gone!

    I have been feeling so much better since I started seeing Lisa Breslin of Body and Soul Massage, and Dr. Troy Wilson of Salem Chiropractic! I still get little twinges sometimes, but I'm back to most of my usual activities. I hardly ever get my severe sciatica and back pain anymore. I can't recommend Lisa and Dr. Troy enough!
    Ken K.

    thumb Ken K.
  •   First let me say that there is something for everyone in this big world.  I was reading other reviews of Body & Soul and found it so interesting that another reviewer found the waiting area to be warm and welcoming.  That was the polar opposite (see what I did there?  POLAR!  brrrrrr!)  The overall feeling, for me is COLD in this location.  The waiting area feels almost sterile, with terrible lighting and cheap chairs, plus nothing to absorb any sound, which migrates into the massage room.  The massage room itself was fine, but very cold  -- temperature-wise.  I am typically too warm in massage rooms, in this one I was freezing!  I asked Elizabeth, my therapist (who did a good job, by the way, and is the only reason we're more than one star), if she could turn up the heat but she was unable to do so.  I don't plan to return, but it may be just the place for others -- that's what makes the world go 'round.

    thumb Pamela K.

      I came to Body & Soul after lingering tightness from airplane travel and tenderness from a neck injury. I woke up one morning in so much pain, that I located the closest massage therapist and was fortunate to get an appointment that same day. I was scheduled to work with Elizabeth, and had such a wonderful experience that I booked another session with her the following week. Elizabeth has a strong touch and knowledgeable background, and I left both sessions feeling lighter, more relaxed, and blissed out. The discomfort in my next was alleviated to the point where I felt I could get back on my yoga mat, and almost nearly gone after my second visit. If you fall asleep during your massage, you've found a good massage therapist! I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone!

    thumb Emily C.
  •   I was so excited to get a massage at body & soul since the place is right down the street from my house. They have great customer service and I got an appointment right away. I'm in customer service too and communication between client-therapist is key.. I believe I had a fair and clear consultation with Lisa and I was so happy to start the session, I even thought about booking a 90 mins cause an hour is never enough. Lisa was nice and she listened to my needs but the massage was not what I was expecting.. I've had several massages before and this is probably the first time I was disappointed and I couldn't quite fully relax and enjoy the massage ..a lot of shaking and poking but not so much the actual slow good flow massage. She also left the room in the middle of my session to heat up the bean bag and lost connection . During the consultation I mentioned the areas she should focus on and I don't think the goal was achieved.  I will give them another shot and try other therapists because I love to support local businesses and the location is so convenient to me. Thank you!

    thumb Laura G.

      So let me start by telling you that for longer than I can remember I have suffered from Migraines. I saw Ann ONE time about a month ago and have not had ONE migraine since.  Looking forward to my visit next week. The office is super clean and has a very calm relaxing atmosphere. Worth every penny.

    thumb Caitlynne W.