Make 2021 a year of Self-Care

Therapeutic Massage has great healing benefits. It reduces stress, decreases anxiety and depression, relieves muscle tension and pain, improves quality of sleep, relieves headaches and lowers blood pressure.

Massage is also great for recovering from surgery, improving sports performance, alleviating back pain, foot pain, and reducing overall muscle tension.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists will combine techniques to create a session best for your unique needs.

Call our convenient Salem Ma office today to schedule your appointment and let the caring therapists at Body & Soul alleviate your stress and enrich your health and well-being.

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Bodywork and Your Health

There are many positive health benefits to bodywork and massage received on a regular basis, such as relief of pain and swelling, an increased range of motion and improved circulation. Massage can also boost the body’s immune system, help with carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange, provide nutrition to the skin by mediums (oils/lotions) and even remove toxins through the skin and lymphatic drainage. Most importantly therapeutic massage can assist in the healing process on a psycho-spiritual level and promote an overall sense of well being to oneself.

Body & Soul Massage in Salem, Massachusetts since 2005.

  •   Ask for Sophie!  She had me so relaxed I forgot she was even there while I lost myself into a zen like comma.  I couldn't tell you the last time I felt like that, I tend to be pretty high strung and never really seem to be able to let go enough during a massage to zone out.  Highly recommend!

    thumb C B.